Audio Extract Kit

Audio crop,noise,mix,accompaniment,concat,tempo,transcode,fade,ringtone all in one
Powerful bulk mp4 to mp3 format converter
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Support Windows7/8/10/11 system(64-bit)
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Minimum support for macOS 10.12 or higher
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Audio Extraction
Extract mp3 from video or convert format
Fast convert audio or video formats
Crop Audio
Cut or delete a piece of audio from an audio file
Audio Concatenate
Concatenate multiple audio files, all in one
Audio split
Split an audio into multiple audio segments by time
Audio mixing
Mix multiple audios into one audio
Add background music to a audio
Audio insertion
Insert a new audio at the specified position
Improve sound quality and effects by adjusting audio frequency
Sound recording
Record the microphone sound into an audio file
Online Extraction
Extract audio or video from a URL (web link)
Audio Fade
The audio fade in and out, give you soft feeling
Volume adjustment
Change the volume, make outstanding voice
Audio beeping
Erase sensitive words, clean your audio
Noise reduction
Remove slight noise from audio or music
Adjust tempo
Speed ​​up or slow down audio tempo
Vocal remove
Remove vocals for some audio
Vocal separation
Dry sound/vocal/accompaniment/drums/bass/piano sound effects, etc.
Pitch adjustment
Change the pitch of a audio or music
Channel Extraction
Separate multiple channels in audio
Channel Merger
Merge multiple channels into stereo/quad surround/5.1ch/7.1ch audio
Surround sound
The effect of processing audio into 3D surround sound
Add album info and cover art to audio
Audio Reverb
Add reverb/accompaniment/echo effect to audio
Chorus effect
Generate sound effects for two or more people singing in chorus
Lyrics editing
Create an LRC lyrics file for the song
Text to speech
Convert text into mp3
Speech to text
Convert speech into text
Blank audio
Generate a blank audio file
Audio fix
Try to fix some errors of the audio file
MD5 modification
Modify MD5 of audio files
Slk to mp3
Convert voice msg in SLK format to MP3 format
Mp3 to slk
Convert voice msg in MP3 format to SLK format
More features are under development, see you soon...

User review

Reviews from real users
This app is amazing! I can't believe I spent to much time dealing with other apps when I should've tried this one first!!! My need was the vocal extraction part. It's unreal!! DEFINITELY TRY THIS APP!!!!! they are the police. Fickle these people
--Karter Yoakum
I love your app! It does everything! I tried all kinds of apps in the last few months, but they might only have one or two features that are just okay. I come back to this app Everytime! It's a COMPLETE app! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
--Grit NGravel
So far the best app I've used that would either clean up audio or strip audio from video
--Buddy Conner (SAY10)
Woah! I can't tell you how much time I wasted with other sites and apps before I found this one and it's perfect! Uploads big files, saves straight to your phone, heaps of cool tools. And you can do heaps for a $1! Definitely recommend, thanks!
--Max Cooper
Really awesome app once u get the hang of it. It's not complicated u just have to figure out what your wanting to listen to. Weather it's a whispering voice or someone talking and a lot of loud noise is all u can hear then this app will definitely help u. Believe me I was shocked to see how clearly u hear things. I recommend this app 💯%
--Ruben Johnston
I'll give this app it's props but adding a little more features might give a 6
--Justin Case
Works well for me to reduce or eliminate background noise from my videos. This App has alot more to offer if you like to make, record, or mix music. It is capable of separating audio perfectly. Vocals and music can be isolated, and new sound can be added or blended. There is no purchase necessary to use the app except ads. The ads are not overwhelming and are no distraction. Pro version is a small fee for the upgrade. Very nice, organized and user-friendly layout of app functions. Good Job!
--John Gruell
For me it is the easiest,I am not an expert & have tried others,I have gotten what I needed done only with your App
--Roy “Roy Lee” Gerber
So far it's very good for sound canceling and enhancing. I may pay for the service after the free trial. 👍
--Rachine Geter
Best of these types of apps I've come across. Used it to catch my husband cheating. I was able to hear background noise but couldn't pin what it was, other than my gut flipped. Used this app. Heard her ... And a him. 😧 I know!!! Anyway. Life goes on. Discarded baggage. All because of this app. 😁
--Karen Briggs
It's great for extracting audio, I'd like a little more scrubbing on the background noise. All in all, great app !!
--Dale Pritchard


What's Audio Extract Kit?
Audio Extract Kit is not just a completely free batch audio extractor, it is also a powerful audio processing APP that can perform some commonly used audio processing tasks, export lossless MP3, and give you good sound.
What can Audio Extract Kit do?
Audio Extract Kit includes features such as online extraction,audio extraction,transcode,format coversion,croping,concatenate,split,mixing,voice msg export,fade,volume adjustment,beeping,change tempo,noise reduction,vocal remove,change pitch,extract channels,merge channels,surround sound,audio tag and album cover,audio reverb, Lyrics editing,make ringtone.
What formats does Audio Extract Kit support?
Audio Extract Kit currently supports the following music formats: mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, aac, m4r, wma, flac, ac3, mmf, amr, wv, slk, silk, mp2
How many audio channels does Audio Extract Kit support?
Audio Extract Kit currently supports: mono, stereo, four surround, 5.1 stereo, 7.1 stereo
Is my data safe?
At present, most of the functions of Audio Extract Kit can be completed locally. The data does not need to be uploaded to the server. Only a small part of the functional data needs to be processed by the server. The data saved in the server is very safe after being protected by multiple firewalls. You do not need to worry about your private data.
What platforms does Audio Extract Kit support?
Audio Extract Kit currently covers and supports most mainstream platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, applets, etc.
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